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A Guide To Tribal Employment

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A Guide To Tribal Employment is a practical analysis of the law, policies, and practices used by tribal government and tribal enterprise employers. This book focuses on the application of tribal, state, and federal employment laws. Moreover, it applies tribal self-determination, sovereignty, and immunity to the employment process. The book addresses employment disputes, unique employment issues in tribal gaming, and the unique policies used by tribal employers. The book’s question/answer format will help tribal administrators, human resources personnel, and tribal leadership better understand the interesting and important questions relating to tribal government.

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“Richard McGee has taken a complex area of the law and turned it into an easy-to-read guide to tribal employment law that will be of value to attorneys, businesspersons, contractors, laborers, and others who engage in business with Indian tribes and their many economic enterprises. Because Indian tribes are sovereign nations with the authority to enact and enforce their own laws, an examination of tribal employment law requires a broader examination than merely learning the rules that govern the employer-employee relationship in federal and state statutes. Mr. McGee writes a book, striking the appropriate balances between the various interests at stake while ensuring the sovereign status of Indian tribes as distinct governments, that is a must-read for anyone interested in this complex and ever-changing area of the law.”


                 Honorable B.J. Jones, Director-Tribal Judicial Institute and Adjunct     Professor- University of North Dakota School of Law, Chief Judge              Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate and Prairie Island Indian Community, Chief          Justice Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Court of Appeals.


“As the human resources director of a tribe employing 7,000 workers, A Guide to Tribal Employment is the most comprehensive and complete resource that I have ever been privileged to read.  I will refer to the information in this book on a regular basis.”


                 Margaret Jackson, HR Director

                 Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


“Richard McGee demonstrates his in-depth understanding of the nuances of federal, state and tribal employment laws and their applicability to employment practices throughout Indian Country. He concisely navigates the complexities of tribal employment issues making them understandable for non-legal and legal professionals alike. This guide is a must read for anyone involved in setting and monitoring employment policies and practices in Indian Country.”


                 Richard W. Phelps, CEO

                 Falmouth Institute, Inc.


“This book is typical of Richard McGee's work: thoughtful, thorough and carefully crafted.  His effort reflects his recognition of the important positions of Tribal sovereigns in the legal and economic dynamics of this country.”


                 Andrew Small, BlueDog, Paulson & Small